How the Repetto earned its spots

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The number of high street brands with their own shoe ranges has increased but this is not to say shopping for footwear has become any easier for those with petite feet. Most stores still fail to cater for anyone who wears a smaller shoe size than a US 6/ EU 36. Resorting to wearing to children's shoes is a great option for some but it often the sacrifice is a quality shoe. Kids' shoes aren't made to last and they often are made from synthetic materials which can chafe the foot and cause all sorts of podiatry problems. There's also the matter of style - while sparkly pink kicks may look good on Honey Boo Boo, it doesn't necessarily mean it will look good on 28 year-old you (although they very well may).

A few years ago I discovered the iconic French shoe label, Repetto. Famous for its ballet roots and designing the red ballet flats worn by Brigitte Bardot in God Created Woman, the brand is also attributed with popularising the status of the ballet slipper from a dance shoe to everyday footwear.

Since purchasing my first pair of Zizis, an Oxford shoe, I rarely go a day without wearing a pair of Repettos. Earlier in the year when I visited Paris, one of the first things I did was mark their flagship store on my map. The damage from the raid? Just three pairs, there's always Net-a-porter to do the rest of the harm.

Finding footwear for teeny tiny footsies is such a struggle, once you find a brand or style which fits like a glove, why bother going through all that pain and heartache again? The make of the shoes run so small I wear a whole size up, so not only do they make me feel good about having "normal-sized" feet; the leather used to produce them is so silky soft, it's like caressing the skin of a baby (or stroking the smooth pins of a Victoria's Secret model - you get to choose).

Ahhh, this is why, my dear Repetto, I'll always be your loyal girlfriend.

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