Spring wardrobe essentials: Out for shipment

petite street- Origami boat with Topshop dress and peplum top and Alexander Wang Inna heels GIF [gallery orderby="ID"]

I'm on a boat, I'm on a boat.

Three very lucky sailors have departed the port and are now making their rocky voyage to Sydney shores. Aboard the vessel are a combination of personalities.

Let me introduce you to the crew:

Firstly, we have the mandatory spring printed dress from Topshop Petite.

And her childhood friend, the peplum top, also from Topshop Petite.

Finally, sticking to the black to basics theme, an American export to shake things up on the long journey ahead - meet Inna, a pair of heeled sandals by Alexander Wang.

Clothing images courtesy of Topshop and Net-a-porter. Origami and photography, illustrations and design are my own.

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